The office at 2460 Fairmount Blvd., Suite 225, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 was permanently closed on 4/30/2017. Dr. James R. Bashaw has retired from active dental practice.

Former patients can click here to download an authorization form that can be used to request the transfer of their dental records. The best way to transfer records is via email. The records transfer will consist of a copy of recent X-rays and a copy of the chart that shows the dates of past visits and the procedures performed. It is recommended that the records be emailed to you personally so that you can maintain your copy since future requests for records may not be able to be honored. You could then forward them to your new dentist if known or when you find one.

You may contact Dr. James R. Bashaw via email at

Or via regular mail at:

James R. Bashaw, D.D.S.
2480 Wellington Rd.
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118