The main idea

I really like Ditz. There’s a few tiny changes I want to make, so I’m making a python project, called pitz.

What is pitz

Pitz is a issue-tracking system with these goals:

  • Your to-do list lives in flat files right next to your code.
  • The to-do list objects (entities) serialize and deserialize to a plain-text format, so that standard diff tools can expose how issues evolved over time and objects can be edited with any editor.
  • You can use your source control system (git, svn, zipped files, whatever) to track history.
  • Entities can hold arbitrary attributes and values. In other words, the user of the library defines what fields to track.
  • Complex queries are straightforward to write.


  • Pitz uses yaml to serialize and unserialize data.
  • Pitz uses IPython for the pitz-shell component and jinja2 to produce some output.

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